Materials Technology Institute

MTI – Advanced Materials Technology and Chemical Processing Industry Leaders, Collaborators and Partners

A research- and solution-driven organization of partner companies focused on improving plant integrity, reliability & profitability.

The Materials Technology Institute, founded in 1977, is a not-for-profit materials engineering organization representing private industry around the globe. MTI’s member company representatives have developed and continue to refine the organization, so that it provides them with unique resources that:

  • Increase Plant Integrity (Focus on keeping their aging plants and new plants online longer with innovative materials for increased longevity, safety and security.)
  • Improve Reliability (Focus on researching and discovering new technologies and innovative processes so they can count on the integrity and reliability of their plants – old and new.)
  • Boost Profitability (By focusing on and improving plant integrity and reliability, MTI ultimately helps all of its member companies achieve the ultimate goal of boosting profits.)

Web Site: www.mti-global.org