The Schmoldt Foundation for Education

Since becoming a member of NACE in 1954, Mr. Hans E. Schmoldt has dedicated his life and career to providing services in cathodic protection (CP) until his retirement in 1990.

Apart from his long and auspicious career in the corrosion industry, Mr. Schmoldt has committed to advancing the future of CP by engaging and fostering the next generation of industry professionals. He founded the Schmoldt Foundation for Education, offering the first scholarship in 1988 to recognize excellence in education. Subsequently, he established a partnership with the NACE Foundation, establishing the Hans Schmoldt Scholarship in Cathodic Protection in 2005, in collaboration with the NACE Foundation’s president at the time, Terry May. Since that time, Mr. Schmoldt has contributed more than $70,000 in support of the scholarship to advance students’ pursuits of CP studies.

In addition to the many “future” corrosion engineers he has mentored throughout his career, his interest in and commitment to the corrosion industry has been passed on generationally to his son and grandson. A 61-year member of NACE, Mr. Schmoldt’s hard work and dedication has left a legacy that is an inspiration to all.