Tinker & Rasor

Tinker & Rasor, a California Corporation, is an electronics firm successfully engaged in the design, development and manufacture of Holiday Detectors, Detectron Pipe & Cable Locators and Fluid Leak Detectors, plus a sizable line of Cathodic Protection Instrumentation.

Incorporated in 1948, Tinker & Rasor has been continuously manufacturing Holiday Detectors since the founding of the Company. Our Holiday Detectors are in wide use throughout the world inspecting protective coatings used for the mitigation of corrosion.

In 1961 a product line was added through the purchase of the Detectron business. Detectron instruments have been manufactured continuously since 1949 and are well known for their high standard of quality. Detectron products consist of pipe, cable and leak detectors used primarily by leading utility and contracting companies.

Constant research and development assures the product consumer all the advantages of the latest design plus proven dependability and performance. Research and service are our keys to success. It is our sincere belief that we supply the most practical instrumentation of the latest design at competitive prices.

In 2008, Tinker & Rasor moved from its location of 60 years in San Gabriel, CA to a larger facility in San Bernardino, CA. This move allows us to grow and better serve its customers with its people, products and customer service.

In 2009, Tinker & Rasor President, Mark J. Byerley, Sr. will follow in the footsteps of his father, Darrel D. Byerley, by becoming NACE International President, 2009 – 2010. Darrel Byerley was President of NACE for the term of 1974 – 1975.

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