Workforce Development Program

The NACE International Foundation is committed to helping qualified and interested U.S. military veterans receive the training and support they need to embark on a rewarding career in the corrosion industry. The NACE Foundation’s Workforce Development Program provides participants with the following:

    NACE Foundation will support two NACE training courses, up to a Level I certification course (CP or CIP), and reimbursement for travel and lodging during the course of training.
    Mentors provide a knowledge base, counsel participants on career options within the corrosion industry, and assist with opportunities for networking.

1. Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum Education — Candidates must have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Unemployed in Corrosion — Candidates must currently be unemployed, or employed in a position unrelated to corrosion or corrosion control. Applications received from candidates who currently hold a NACE certification will not be considered.
  • Military Veteran, “Short” Active Service Members, National Guardsmen, or Reservists
    Click here for more information on the requirements for each category.

2. Candidate Evaluation
Completed applications, including all requested documentation, received by the NACE Foundation will be forwarded to the Selection Committee for review. In some cases, the NACE Foundation may find it necessary to obtain further information from a candidate prior to making a determination about acceptance into the program. The following information should be included for review by the Selection Committee:

  • Completed Online Application
  • Two (2) signed reference letters from commanding officers, employers, or colleagues
  • Proof of Veteran Status — DD-214 Form (long, unedited version) with Character of Service

3. Future Consideration
In the event a candidate is not selected for participation, completed applications for the Workforce Development Program will be held on file for future consideration for up to one additional enrollment period. If a candidate’s application is reviewed and denied a second time, a new application from the candidate will be required for future consideration.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I understand that I am applying for the Summer 2020 Term of the Workforce Development Program.